Behold your AGILE Project Manager

Successfully delivering technology projects requires to be AGILE and to follow a method


Software development is a team effort, a project manager is there to ensure the team works efficiently and effectively. The project manager leads the team, removes frictions and helps team members to focus on what they are best.

We are senior technical people, we know how to code, we know to build data models, we know how to do data analysis, and have worked in many major projects. This gives us an edge, as we know what to expect from developers, where the issues would be, and how to proactively reduce risks.

Team effort

Any project is as good as the people working on it. We like working in partnership with others, learning from them, sharing what we know.
Having strong technical skills we can engage with developers, analysis and data experts, and help them understand what is the client really looking to achieve.


The ones who dare to try are the ones that get somewhere. Learning knew technologies, applying new tools, pivoting into the unknown... that's the way we like to work.
Off course, all experiments must be tested under control enviroments, with limited budget and with propper checks in place to gather usefull inteligence even when they fail.

Global reach

Wherever you are we would be happy to go with you. We have experience working for global corporations in medium and major IT projects, coordinating multi-national teams from different continents, and leading them from remote locations.
Our aim is to build a team culture, helping all team members to feel included, even if they are located across the World and work for a sucbcontractor, that is the challenge and we love it!